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ETC Channel 905

ETC is pleased to offer another means to view local church services. The Good News Channel 905 features local church programming for any ETC TV customer with a set top box.

For information on how to add your church’s service to next Sunday’s schedule, please contact


Sunday Programming Schedule

  • 6:30am Greensburg First Christian Church
  • 7:30am All Saints Mass
  • 8:30am Holy Family Mass
  • 9:00am St. Peter’s Mass
  • 9:30am Batesville Christian Church
  • 10:30am St. Nicholas Mass
  • 11:30am St. Louis Mass
  • 12:30pm St. Mary’s Mass
  • 1:30pm Community Church
  • 3:30pm Hopewell Baptist Church
  • 4:30pm Greensburg First Christian Church



  • 6:00am Holy Hour (All Saints)
  • 7:30am All Saints Mass
  • 6:00pm All Saints Mass