Techie Christmas Gift Ideas

Published November 21, 2018

Every year about this time I enjoy researching tech gifts ideas for the coming Christmas season.  I don’t necessarily have a lot of techies on my list; I just enjoy looking through some of the popular items to spur some fun gift ideas.  Here’s a list of a few favorite things I found this year. Some of them are truly tech items; others are more like tech accessories. But collectively they all cover a broad range of ages, interests and price points:

-Airblown Mickey Movie Screen–  While there are many styles of inflatable screens, this adorable Disney version features the famous Mickey Mouse ears and red trousers! The screen is described as portable, self-inflating and easy-to-store.  Backyard movie nights on a personal Disney screen would put any little Disney-loving prince or princess over the moon. (Heck, let’s be honest.  I would love it myself!)  While the screen itself isn’t necessarily techie, the projector needed to complete the package qualifies, putting this on my favorite list for 2018.

-Hasbro Dropmix–  If you’ve ever wanted to be a music producer, this is your chance to try it out. The Dropmix is a long rectangular unit that has five slots to lay a specially-designed music card.  The music cards are embedded with various music chips that play songs from artists. When you slide a music card into one of the unit’s five corresponding color slots, the song plays.  Fill several of the slots and you’ve got multiple songs jamming at the same time, creating a mix that any music producer will certainly be jealous of.

-Nokia Sleep–  This pad slips under your mattress to monitor your sleep habits.  The unit monitors your breathing, movement, REM sleep cycles, and even your snoring. It connects with your phone to report out on how well you slept.

-Mytagalongs Charger Case–  If you’ve got a cell phone, a tablet, a laptop, and maybe even an iPod, you’ve got a lot of cords.  If you struggle to organize those cords, this charger case may be for you.  With its individualized pockets and zip closure, it’s an attractive way to organize the tangled web of cords we weave.

-Digital Pet Daycare– Get digital daycare for the pet that is home alone. This package features a two-way audio/video camera, treat dispenser, a recorded message and more so that your pet can check on you during the day. How sweet!

-Universal Phone Mount–Trying to watch a movie on your phone? This universal phone mount offers an easy alternative to kinking your neck in order to view your phone from a funky angle. Simply clamp the mount to a desk or other solid surface, secure your phone in the holder at the other end, bend the flexible neck in a way that suits your situation, and voila! You’ve easily customized your viewing angle.  There is also a universal mount version for your tablet.

From tech items to clothes, toys, and even raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, we’ve all got a list of our favorite things. As we prepare for the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, may the weeks ahead be fun-filled, but also focused on the true reason for the season.