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Cellular FAQ's

1.International Calling #

1.1.What is the international rate? #

International rates vary by country.  Call our office before traveling internationally for ways to avoid excessive voice, text and data usage/roaming charges.

1.2.Do I need to add international dialing to all of the lines on my account? #

International dialing and roaming should be added to any line that will be used while out of the country.

1.3.Do I need to power my phone off for the international calling to apply? #

Before leaving the US, you must turn your phone off, then back on, for the international roaming to work.

1.4.Will I be charged roaming fees by domestic carriers? #

There is potential for roaming charges to appear in non-Verizon coverage areas within the US.  You may consider adding international roaming just prior to leaving, and removing it as soon as you return to avoid any potential risk of unnecessary US roaming.

1.5.Are wifi hotspots available/useable internationally? #

Wifi hotspots are available internationally.  These can be used for data access when available, but should always be done with caution regardless of whether you are at home or abroad.

2.HD Voice #

2.1.How do I enable LTE on my iPhone? #

Go to Settings.  Select Cellular.  Choose Cellular Data Options.  Click on Enable LTE and select the Voice & Data so that this item is checked.  If there is a check mark beside Data Only, click to disable this function.

2.2.How do I enable HD Voice on by Android? #

Go to Settings.  Select Advanced Calling (aka HD Voice).  Choose to enable HD Voice by clicking Activate Advanced Calling.

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