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Billing & Payment

ETC mails billing statements on the last business day of each month and they are always due before 5:00pm on the 17th of the following month to avoid late charges.

Monthly Charge & Fee Descriptions

Provided below are brief descriptions of some of the recurring monthly charges and fees that may appear on your bill. Please contact your local ETC office if you have any further questions regarding your billing statement.

Basic Telephone Line Charges – This is the amount charged for unlimited local calling. Basic telephone service is billed one month in advance whereas long distance calls are billed in arrears.

Inter Network Access Charge – This amount is set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and is for access to the interstate communications network. *Inter Network Access Charge does not apply in all areas.

Intra Network Access Charge – This amount is set by the state government and is for access to the intrastate network. Intra Network Access Charge does not apply in all areas.

Directory Charges – ETC provides each subscriber with one listing in the phone directory free of charge. Customers whom desire an unlisted or non-published number will be assigned a $1.00 fee each month. This charge will appear under the heading titled “Directory Charges”. ETC also provides Yellow Page advertising for businesses. If a business customer purchases such advertising, it will be billed under the same heading.

State Tax – State taxes are applied to all long distance calls made within the state of Indiana. ETC collects this amount and forwards it to the proper agency.

Federal Tax – Federal taxes are applied to all long distance calls made within the state of Indiana and calls made to other states. ETC collects this amount and forwards it to the proper agency.

Charges From List of Calls Including Tax – This is the total amount of your bill, however, it does not include any other services that you may have purchased, such as Cable TV, Internet, UPS, etc. charges.

Video – ETC provides video television service in certain areas. If you are a cable television customer, the charges will appear under this heading. Cable Television service is billed one month in advance.

911 – This amount is determined by your county government. ETC collects this fee from every subscriber and submits it to the proper facility. This charge covers the costs for the administration of emergency 911 services. 911 charges 90¢ per month for both basic residential and basic business.

TDD (Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf) – This amount is collected by ETC and submitted to InTRAC (Indiana Telecommunications Relay Access Corporation). This charge supports relay services, which allow the hearing and/or speech impaired to communicate via telephone. ($0.03 /month)

Calling Features – ETC offers a variety of custom calling features that make using your phone even easier. If you subscribe to any calling features, those charges will appear in this area of your bill.

Inside Wire Maintenance Program (IWMP) – If a customer accepts Inside Wire Maintenance there is a $2.95 per month charge that will cover both phone and cable TV service. IWM covers any problem the customer may have in their inside wiring or their jacks. It does not cover telephones, fax machines, modems, answering machines, etc. If a customer rejects IWM: Should a service call be made by ETC technicians, and the problem is in the inside wire, a service charge will be assessed. The technician, if requested, will repair the inside wire for the cost of additional labor and material. This means that even if the technician does not enter the house, the customer is still assessed the $75.00 service charge. If the customer wants the technician to fix the problem, they will be charged for labor and materials along with the $75.00 service charge. Also, if customer owned phones, modems, fax machines, etc. cause trouble on the line, the customer will be charged $75.00 even if the customer accepts IWM.

Equipment Lease Charges – ETC offers some telephones and peripheral equipment for lease. If the lease equipment should fail under normal circumstances, ETC will repair or replace the equipment, at its discretion, for no additional charge. Should you choose to lease equipment, it will appear on your bill under the above heading.

CLASS Features – ETC offers a variety of CLASS features that greatly enhance the productivity of your phone. If you subscribe to any of these, the charge(s) will appear in this area.

Returned Check Fee

Additional fees will be charged to your account for each check returned to ETC by any bank. If a check is returned for payment of a past due balance or as a replacement for a previously returned check, your service(s) may be temporarily interrupted without further notice.

Long Distance Tips (Buyers Beware)

Due to the deregulation of the telecommunications industry, customers now have several hundred choices for long distance providers. The long distance business has, therefore, become a “buyers beware” operation. Due to the many long distance companies available and numerous service offerings, ETC cannot maintain accurate information regarding rates and plans for other long distance companies. ETC recommends that customers be cautious about choosing or switching long distance companies. If a long distance company contacts you, ask questions and read the fine print. Often there are special stipulations or surcharges assessed in order to obtain a particular rate. A good rule of thumb is, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Vacation Rates

Vacation rates apply to select core services: phone, internet and/or video service only (individual services or bundled). If customers have a bundle with cellular or security, they will have to pay for these services at the full rate while they are gone. There will not be a fee to re-bundle customers when they return. Add-ons will be discounted at 100% (customers will NOT pay for any add-on while they are on vacation). Customers do not have to return any equipment when going on vacation rate and will be reconnected for free when they return. A service order (reconnect) will need to be generated when the customer returns. Customers on old pricing (deluxe plans, the digital cable plans, wireless broadband, old half-price discounts such as DVR for $3.48, etc.) will not be grandfathered when they go on vacation rate. They will need to be told that their pricing will change (and how) once they return. If they are on Wireless Broadband, they will move to the 4G (follow application procedures). If they are on an old plan, explain the changes and the new pricing. Businesses are NOT eligible for the vacation rate, however, non-profit lines are. There is not a minimum or maximum amount of time a customer must be on a vacation rate. Rates – Bundle plans will be a fixed rate of $10/month. Core services not in a bundle (phone, high speed, and video) will be billed $10/month PER SERVICE. 4G LTE will be billed $20/month and the customer will also pay the $5/month router lease fee while on vacation. If customers have cellular and/or security monitoring, they will continue to pay their normal monthly fee for these services in addition to either their bundle or non-bundle vacation rate.

Collection Charges

Collection charges will be 3% of the total bill (all billable services) or $5, whichever is greater.

Disconnection of Service

At Customer’s Request: If a customer desires to disconnect their telephone service, they should notify the Telephone Company at least three (3) days ahead of time. Customers are responsible for all charges until the service is disconnected. Customers may not charge service or authorize the charging of service to any account which has been disconnected.
With Notification: Customers will be notified in the “Billing Issues & Policies” section of the Phone Bill of restriction and disconnection dates for non-payment of services.

    Possible Recurring Monthly Charges

    1. Bundled Service
      1. Monthly Service
        – You Pick Plan
        – Prorate
      2. Taxes on Monthly Service
        – Federal
        – State
      3. Non-Recurring Charges
        – Switch Charge
        – Upgrade Charge
        – Downgrade Charge
    2. Telecommunications Service
      1. Basic Monthly Service
        – Line Charges
        – Interstate Access Charge (Sunman Only)
        – Intrastate Access Charge (Sunman Only)
      2. Basic Monthly Surcharges
        – TDD
        – Federal USF (if applicable)
      3. Non-Basic Monthly Service
        – IWM (Inside Wire Maintenance)
        – Calling Features
        – Directory Charges
      4. Usage Based Calling Service
        – Charges from list of calls including tax
      5. Surcharges on Non-Basic Service
        – 911
      6. Taxes on Monthly Service
        – Federal
        – State
      7. Total Basic & Non-Basic Telecommunications Services
    3. Cellular Service
      1. Monthly Service
        – Rate Plan
    1. Internet Service
      1. Plan
      2. Prorate Credit
      3. Modem Maintenance
      4. Federal Tax
      5. State Tax
    2. Enhanced Business Solutions
      1. Monthly Service
        – Monitoring Fee
        – Web Fees
    3. Video
      1. Monthly Service
        – Plan
        – Additional Options
        – FCC Fee
        – Franchise Fee
        – ETCLD Discount
        – State Tax
    4. Long Distance Plan
      1. Monthly Service
        – Account Information (phone number)
        – Interlata LD Provider
        – Intralata LD Provider
        – LD Rate Plan
        – County
        – Address

    Tax is not added to Security Monitoring charge. Also, Security Monitoring and Dial-up Internet services may be paid annually.