Call Before You Dig

In an effort to protect our underground facilities, Great Plains Communications, previously ETC, is a member of the Indiana Underground Plant Protection Service program, also known as Holey Moley. Before you do any digging or excavating, please call 800-382-5544, 811, or complete the new “811Now” online form at at least 48 hours in advance. It is against the law to dig without contacting the proper companies to locate their facilities.

Any individual, company, or firm that does not request a cable location and damages any underground facility is liable for repair cost. The service is free and so is the call, but most of all it’s simply the law!

About 811Now: 811Now, a new online service that allows professional excavators and homeowners, who plan to dig at a single address, to request that member utility companies mark the approximate location of underground lines via a simple online form.

Contractors and members who plan to use 811Now should be prepared to answer questions about the exact location of the project, including address, county, township, closest intersecting street and exact location on property where digging will occur, along with the name and contact information for the company or person(s) who will be digging on the property.

Please note, contractors and members who plan to dig at multiple addresses for the same project should continue to use Indiana 811’s Web Ticket Entry system or make a free call to 811.