Rising Sun

Hello Rising Sun! We are happy to meet you!

We are Enhanced Telecommunications (ETC), a 3rd-generation company based in Sunman, Indiana since 1933. We are proud to bring you internet services like you’ve never seen before!

Fast internet is our specialty. With speeds up to a gigabit, downloading large files is a snap. A 2-hour, high definition movie takes just 25 seconds; a 5-minute video takes less than half a second to download.

While internet is our expertise, we don’t stop there. From landline phones to cellular and security services, we have a lot to offer—and we’ll be bringing it to you soon!

Rising Sun Phase Map

We’ll be rolling out our services in three phases between July and October. For more information about our phases, progress, packages and promotions, please contact us today!

Rising Sun, here’s what we’ve got for you!

Take advantage of free installation, plus these other great offers:

Offers end September 30. Certain Terms and Conditions apply.

We are excited to help you make great connections! Check back here often as we continue to bring you updates. In the meantime, click here to learn more about ETC.

We look forward to meeting you!


Fiber Internet Rates

ETC offers the most advanced high-speed internet technology available today. With download speeds available up to a gigabit, our internet delivers.

  • Starter

    $ 49 . 95
    FiberZone Up to 10M / 10M
  • Preferred

    $ 69 . 95
    FiberZone Up to 100M / 100M
  • Enhanced

    $ 89 . 95
    FiberZone Up to 250M / 250M
  • Ultimate

    $ 109 . 95
    Giga Charged
    FiberZone Up to 1G / 500M

Internet Bundles

Pair our internet service up with your choice of Security, TOTAL Phone or Cellular for a customized package that is designed your way.

  • Internet + Total Phone

    $ 69 . 95
    • TOTAL Phone
    • FiberZone 10/10M Internet
  • Internet + Security

    $ 79 . 95
    • 24/7 Security Monitoring
    • FiberZone 10/10M Internet

    Equipment & installation starts at $199

  • Internet + Cellular

    $ 69 . 95
    • Unlimited Talk & Text
    • FiberZone 10/10M Internet

    Requires additional purchase of a data plan

  • Speed Upgrade

    Increase Your Internet Speeds To:

    • 100/100M for: $20
    • 250/250M for: $40
    • 1G/500M for: $60

Internet upload and download speeds are a “best effort service”. Actual speeds may vary due to end user equipment and number of devices connected.