Rising Sun

Hello Rising Sun! We are happy to meet you!

We are Enhanced Telecommunications (ETC), a 3rd-generation company based in Sunman, Indiana since 1933. We are proud to bring you internet services like you’ve never seen before!

Fast internet is our specialty. With speeds up to a gigabit, downloading large files is a snap. A 2-hour, high definition movie takes just 25 seconds; a 5-minute video takes less than half a second to download.

While internet is our expertise, we don’t stop there. From landline phones to cellular and security services, we have a lot to offer.

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Fiber Internet Rates

ETC offers the most advanced high-speed internet technology available today. With download speeds available up to a gigabit, our internet delivers.

  • Starter

    $ 49 . 95
    FiberZone Up to 50M / 50M
  • Preferred

    $ 69 . 95
    FiberZone Up to 200M / 200M
  • Enhanced

    $ 89 . 95
    FiberZone Up to 500M / 500M
  • Ultimate

    $ 109 . 95
    Giga Charged
    FiberZone Up to 1G / 500M

Internet Bundles

Pair our internet service up with your choice of Security, TOTAL Phone or Cellular for a customized package that is designed your way.

  • Internet + Total Phone

    $ 69 . 95
    • TOTAL Phone
    • FiberZone 50/50M Internet
  • Internet + Security

    $ 79 . 95
    • 24/7 Security Monitoring
    • FiberZone 50/50M Internet

    Equipment & installation starts at $199

  • Internet + Cellular

    $ 69 . 95
    • Unlimited Talk & Text
    • FiberZone 50/50M Internet

    Requires additional purchase of a data plan

  • Speed Upgrade

    Increase Your Internet Speeds To:

    • 200/200M for: $20
    • 500/500M for: $40
    • 1G/500M for: $60

Internet upload and download speeds are a “best effort service”. Actual speeds may vary due to end user equipment and number of devices connected.