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Enjoy free, unlimited rentals of "Sing" during the entire month of April!

April 2017 Promo: FREE Video On Demand movie rental of “Sing”

During the month of April, you can rent “Sing” through Video On Demand for free. To rent the movie follow the instructions above, choose “Promo” as the category, select the featured promo movie title, and click “Play.” (No charge will apply).

Video on Demand

Forget about DVDs and pre-scheduled show times.  Experience movies on your time with ETC’s Video on Demand.

To Rent a Movie on Demand

  • On the TV screen simply select the “Menu” button on the remote control
  • Select “On Demand” and then start scrolling through the categories of genres which include New Releases, Action, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Romance, Adventure, Western, Just In, Kids, Family and much more
  • Select the movie you’d like to view
  • Accept the charge
  • Enter your PIN number
  • Confirm the rental and sit back and enjoy the movie!

Many movies are available for viewing multiple times for X number of days after the initial purchase, without incurring additional charges.