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TV + Internet Bundles

From our Starter package designed for the more limited user to the Ultimate package ideal for the premier experience, our tailored packages offer just what you’re looking for.

Bundle & Save!

Starter Bundle

Starting at

  • Local Channels
  • Up to 10/5M Internet
  •  10/10M Internet

Bundle & Save!

Preferred Bundle

Starting at

  • 65+ Channels w/ 1 HD set-top box*
  • Up to 20/10M Internet
  •  100/100M Internet

*subject to available technology

Bundle & Save!

Enhanced Bundle

Starting at

  • 180+ Channels w/ 1 HD set-top box*
  • Up to 40/20M Internet
  •  250/250M Internet

*subject to available technology

Bundle & Save!

Ultimate Bundle

Starting at

  • 200+ Channels w/ 1 HDDVR*
  • Up to 40/20M Internet
  •  1G/500M Internet

*subject to available technology

Bundle Add-Ons
  • Security

    24-Hour Basic Reporting Service. Free Security System Estimate. Add-on for $30.

  • Total Phone

    Local Calling. Unlimited Long Distance with five standard calling features. Add-on for $20.

  • Cellular

    Unlimited talk and text. Share your data. Add-on for $20 + Data plan.

  • Medical Alert

    A better way to manage everyday living. Add-on for $20.

Internet upload and download speeds are a “best effort service”. Actual speeds may vary due to end user equipment and number of devices connected.

How fast is internet in the FiberZone?

Our FiberZone has the fastest internet around. Want to see how it compares to what you currently have? Check it out for yourself by choosing an activity below and watch how long it takes to download.

Fiber 1G (7s to download)

250M (33s to download)

100M (1m 7s to download)

50M (2m 11s to download)

20M (5m 28s to download)

Fiber 1G (3s to download)

250M (14s to download)

100M (28s to download)

50M (56s to download)

20M (2m 14s to download)

Fiber 1G (3s to download)

250M (17s to download)

100M (33s to download)

50M (1m 6s to download)

20M (2m 14s to download)

Home & Security Automation!
Peace of Mind

ETC is excited to announce our new line of Honeywell Lyric security products. Call 866-ETC-4YOU for a free quote today!

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Residential Bundle Terms + Conditions

Accounts that were established before June 1, 2016 and that make changes on/after June 1, 2016 will incur the new pricing associated with the new offerings.

New Customer Service Installation

Customers who sign up for fewer than three services at a time will be required to pay a Standard Installation Fee. If a customer signs up for 3 or more services at one time, installation is free on core services.

Existing Customer Service Upgrade = FREE

Change of Location = FREE

Change of location on 1 or more services is free. If services must be relocated more than 2 times within a 1-year period, account processing charges may be assessed.

Service Reconnect Fee = $25

Change / Downgrade Fee

A one-time fee applies when a customer drops/changes one or more services.

Total Phone Add-On

Total Phone add on includes local phone, unlimited long distance and 5 set calling features (Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voice Mail, Call Forwarding and 3-way calling). ETC’s Unlimited Long Distance includes domestic direct dialed calls and calls to Canada only. Available in select areas. Not all services are available on all lines. ETC retains the right to terminate this plan for a single account or all accounts without prior written notification or if service abuse occurs. Accounts subject to termination due to abuse will be assessed a one-time $15.00 penalty and $0.15 per minute for all calls during stated calling period.

Calling Features

Total Phone service includes Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voicemail, Call Forwarding and 3-Way Calling free of charge. If a customer does not want all 5 of these included features, they are not required to take them, however, the customer will not receive a credit and cannot substitute for another feature. Additional calling features may be added for an additional fee.

High Speed Internet

Internet speeds are subject to available technology per area.


Channels are subject to available technology and broadcast markets per area.

4G Cellular

Activation fee of $35.00 per phone. A minimum of 1GB data per handset is required; standard

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