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The School Funding Group approached the ETC Web Team with a request to develop a website for a very unique and specific business idea. They wanted a web application developed that would help schools raise funds easily and in a very professional manner. Based on the needs of the company, ETC custom developed this entire website from the ground up in C#/Asp.Net Core.


  • Accept donations that can be tracked for each campaign and student.
  • Develop various features that can be assigned to and displayed within a campaign, based on specific criteria (ie. Display a colored star based on the number of donations a student has received).
  • Process the donations through a merchant account safely & securely.
  • Have a unique donation page for each student to accept donations on.
  • Import a list of students (with associated information) into the website via a CSV file.
  • Provide ability to download reports to a CSV file.
  • Send out a blast text message and/or email to each student when a campaign launches that contains specific details about their donation page.
  • Provide a management area for campaign managers to view their results and resend page links to students.
  • Build unit tests into the application.
  • Make sure the site is mobile friendly.