When you can’t be there in person, the sound of someone’s voice is the next best thing. Stay in touch with a reliable landline phone.

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Residential Single Phone Rates (Single LIne)


Serving Sunman, St. Leon and Napoleon
Phone Number Prefix: (812) 623, 576, 852



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Lifeline Support (Sunman, St. Leon, and Napoleon) – Enhanced Telecommunications Corporation participates in the Lifeline federal assistance program to help eligible Hoosiers get local telephone/high-speed internet service and help them make their monthly payments. You may qualify for this program if you take part in at least one of these assistance programs:

  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA)
  • Medicaid
  • Food Stamps/SNAP
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) (Not the same as Social Security benefits)
  • Veterans Pensions and Survivors Benefit Programs
  • Enhanced Lifeline benefits are available to qualifying consumers who live on tribal lands.


Additional details:

  • Household income must be no more than 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines
  • Lifeline is non-transferable and only one discount is available per household (even if the customer has both landline phone and high-speed internet services).
  • Each year, Lifeline customers must certify that they are still eligible for the discount.
  • Customers must enroll in Lifeline service and must provide proof of eligibility before receiving support.
  • Customers who willfully make false statements in order to obtain the benefit are subject to fine or imprisonment or may be barred from the program.

For additional information contact your local telephone office.

May not be available at all locations.


Serving Batesville, Morris and Oldenburg
Phone Number Prefix: (812) 934, 933, 932



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Serving Greensburg and New Point
Phone Number Prefix: (812) 663, 662, 222



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Phone Number Prefix: (765) 647, 547



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Serving Liberty
Phone Number Prefix: (765) 223, 458, 732



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Serving Rising Sun



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Pay one flat rate each month, excluding taxes, calling features and long distance charges. 911, TDD and Network Access fees apply.

Bundle with other GPC services and get Total phone with local calling, unlimited long distance and five standard calling features!
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Popular Calling Features

The following five features are included in your phone package activation.

Call Forwarding

Allows you to forward your calls to another number where you will be. With call forwarding, you don't have to stay home waiting for an important call. It will go wherever you go.

Three-Way Calling

Allows you to speak with two different people in two different locations at the same time. When you hang up, all parties are disconnected.

Caller ID

Allows you to know who is calling before answering the phone by displaying the name and number of the caller.

Basic Voicemail

Save important messages and help customers feel heard when you aren't available.

Call Waiting

Allows you to receive incoming calls even if you are on the phone. A short beep lets you know that someone is trying to reach you.

Additional Calling Features

We offer a variety of calling features to enhance the productivity of your home telephone. Click below for a list and description.

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Selective Call Forwarding

Numbers on your selective list will follow you to your Selective Call Forward number. All other calls will be routed to your regular Call Forward number.

Repeat Dialing

Continually attempts to redial a busy number or the last number dialed, and lets you know with a special ring when the number is no longer busy.

Selective Call Rejection

Allows you to create a list of people you do not wish to receive calls from. Callers on the list will receive an announcement that calls are not being accepted. All other calls will ring through as normal.

Call Acceptance

Allows you to create a list of people you want to accept calls from. All other callers who are not on the list will receive an announcement that calls are not being accepted.

Roll Down

Basic Line Hunting: If the primary phone number is busy or in use, this telecommunications mechanism rings or rolls down to a secondary phone number or line. This feature is most ideal for businesses.

3-Way Calling (Allow Transfer)

Allows you to speak with two different people in two different locations at the same time and allows the call originator to hang up while the two remaining callers can continue the call. This is especially useful for small business.

Speed Dialing

Allows the end user to place a call by pressing or dialing a reduced number of keys, usually it’s a one or two digit code. Desired numbers are stored in the phone memory for future use. This is a quick and easy way to dial frequently called numbers. The number of desired numbers to store is unlimited.

Busy Call Forwarding

When someone calls your phone while you’re on the line, this feature forwards the call to your voice mail or another number of your choice. This way you can devote your full attention to your current conversation while making sure you don’t miss anything important.

Toll Control

Makes sure long distance calls aren’t made without your knowledge. Requires a PIN to be dialed before a long distance call is placed.

Call Acceptance

Allows you to create a list of people you want to accept calls from. All other callers who are not on the list will receive an announcement that calls are not being accepted.

Call Transfer

Enables a user to relocate an existing call to another phone or attendant console by either using the transfer button or the hold button and dialing the required location. The transferred call can either be announced or unannounced.

Call Return (*69)

Allows you to call back the last person who called you. No more rushing out of the bathtub or into the house to answer the phone.

Distinctive Ringing Line

Adds a second number to ring into your existing phone line with a distinctive ring. It even works with call waiting. This feature is great for a family with teenagers or if you have a fax machine. When the distinctive ringing number is dialed, it’s directed to the master number with a distinctive tone. There are three distinctive ringing tones available. This is not an additional line.

Distinctive Ring

Allows you to create a list of phone numbers so that when someone from that list calls you, your phone will ring differently. This is especially great for co-workers, friends of teenage children, or committee members.

Privacy Call Block

Some callers place Caller ID Block on their numbers so that you can’t see who is calling before answering. This calling feature blocks them from calling your line and tells them that if they wish to turn off Caller ID Block and call back, their call will go through as normal.

Call Forwarding No Answer

If a call placed to your number isn’t answered within a certain number of rings, it redirects the call to another number of your choice – your cell phone or your voice mailbox, for instance.

Call Blocking/Barring

Call blocking/barring allows users to prevent unwanted callers from connecting to the phone line. Examples of unwanted calls might be long distance calls, 800/900 numbers, or operator calls. This feature does not include the blocking of collect calls or third party calls, however.

Customer Originated Trace

Allows you to initiate a trace immediately after receiving a harassing or obscene phone call. The number is received at our central office and will be held for law enforcement officials in the event that you want to prosecute.