Category: Scam Alert

Scam Alert: Scam Text Message

ETC has learned that an ETC customer received a text message that appeared to be from ETC stating that he won an iPhone 11. The text message instructed him to click on a survey link and answer a few questions. The customer did click on the link and reported that the site/survey did look like […]

Scam Alert: Scam/Spam Call

ETC has learned that an ETC customer received a phone call and voice mail message from the telephone number of 844-857-3939. It is believed this is a scam/spam call. In an online report at it has been reported that the United States Federal Commissions has received 19 complaints with regard to this specific phone […]

Scam Alert – Bogus Email Message

The email message below is a scam. If you receive this email message in your inbox delete it. Do not click to authenticate otherwise you risk having your system hacked and your personal information comprised.

Scam Alert – Caller Posing As An Apple Care Representative

ETC has just learned that several ETC customers have received a phone call on their home phone number stating that iCloud has been breached. We believe this is a scam call trying to trick customers into giving the caller their iCloud email and password. We suggest you hang up on the caller, let the call […]

Scam Alert – Man Posing as an ETC Representative

ETC has just learned that an ETC customer in the Greensburg area received a knock at her door from a man stating he and his crew were working in that area. He stated they were working with ETC and Dish Network. This man was not in any type of uniform or logo apparel. Please be […]