Scam Alert: Spoofed Emails Addresses 3

Published June 4, 2018

Watch out for spoofed email addresses which are email addresses that appear to come from a trustworthy source in order to trick the recipient.

For example, several ETC customers have received the following message which appears to be from ETC.

ETC did NOT send this email message and would never ask for a customer’s password by way of email.  Furthermore, the “From” email address & the “Reply-To” email address are not ETC email addresses.  (Actual names were listed where we have placed “X” in the email addresses.)

When in doubt contact the ETC office for assistance.


Subject:Etczone Email Alert . . .

Date:2018-06-03 Time of Message

From:”Etczone Support Center” <


Dear Etczone User,

Due to congestion in our mail server, all unverified accounts would be shut down so to verity this account ( is active, complete the email verification below:

Please, click Reply before filling info.

*Full Name:

*Email Address:


*Reconfirm Password:

Thank you for using Etczone Email!