Scam Alert: Online Pop-Up Scam

Published August 26, 2016

An ETC customer reported that he was surfing music online when he received a pop-up on his computer screen.  The screen contained the following questions:

  • Are you an ETC Member?
  • Is your bill over $100 per month?
  • Have you ever been late with your payment?

The customer had 55 seconds to answer the questions and when he did, he received a message that he won an iPhone valued at $1,070.

Please be advised this online pop message is not from ETC, Enhanced Telecommunications Corporation.  Be mindful you are at your own risk in participating in this survey.   This could potentially be a scam.

Pop Up Screenshot_2016-08-25-12-39-01 (002) 1 Pop Up Screenshot_2016-08-25-12-40-15 (002) 2 Pop Up Screenshot_2016-08-25-12-40-32 (002) 3