Scam Alert: Caller Impersonating ETC

Published August 16, 2018

Beware of scammers that call and impersonate ETC. If you are not 100% sure the caller is an ETC employee, then please do not take any action or give them any personal information. Instead, first contact the ETC office directly (call, stop in, or email) and speak to an ETC representative to help determine if that call is/was legitimate or not. It’s better to check with ETC directly first, before assuming the caller is legitimate, because it just might be a scammer trying to access your information and/or money.

NOTE: An ETC customer was recently contacted by a person who claimed to be from ETC. This scammer even had the customer’s ETC account number and knew the customer had an outstanding bill. Because the customer believed this was a legitimate call, they set up a payment plan with the caller to use their credit card for payment. The problem was, this was not a legitimate call and the scammer who called this customer was receiving the payments rather than the payments going to this customer’s ETC account.