Keeping ETC Techs Safe

Published April 30, 2020

As with most of us, a day in the life of an ETC technician looks a lot different today than it did just a month ago.

What was once a matter of a tech hopping in a truck equipped with hand tools, knocking on a door, and starting work has evolved into a very different procedure.

“We now have pre-screening questions to ask customers prior to sending a tech onsite,” explained Ryan Johnson, ETC’s Residential Solutions Manager. From ensuring residents are fever-free, to asking about recent travels, to identifying possible exposure, pre-screening is the first step of protecting a technician’s health.

In addition to their normal tools, technicians are also now equipped with gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, and a solution mix to clean trucks and tools between jobs. Most of the jobs that techs are currently focused on are internet related. Because of the high demand for internet service to conduct home-based work and school assignments, internet service is a priority, especially for existing customers.

“We have scaled back on most installations and given priority to trouble tickets,” explained Johnson. “We are relying on our Tier 2 tech helpline to fix as much over the phone as possible. If we can’t get a situation resolved from the office, that’s when we’ll send a tech out, assuming the pre-screening allows us to do so safely.”

For now, weekly meetings are conducted with team members to review procedures, make adjustments, and determine best practices. Through it all, both ETC techs and ETC customers have been very understanding.

“Customers are responding well,” said Johnson. “They have been understanding of the safety measures ETC has established.”

As for the techs, “we’ll continue to do as much as we can safely do at this time, and circle back at a later date to tie up any loose ends with customers,” Johnson said. “Ultimately it’s about keeping everyone’s service running smoothly while staying healthy.”