ETC To Expand Fiber Technology to Millhousen

Published August 23, 2018

Enhanced Telecommunications Corp. (ETC), is pleased to announce plans to expand its fiber technology into Millhousen, Indiana.

“We are pleased to welcome Millhousen into the ETC FiberZone,” said Dustin Tarter, VP of Sales and Marketing. “Not only will this expansion mean more TV and phone choices for residents in the Millhousen area, but they will have new internet options with speeds that are unmatched.”

Benefits of fiber technology include a reliable, unlimited connection that is always on. Fiber is adaptable and can handle multiple services — phone, internet, TV and more — all though a single line. Internet service is particularly impressive, reaching speeds up to 1Gigabit. That’s fast enough to download a 2-hour, high definition movie in seconds.

Millhousen resident Andy Witkemper is just one of those who will benefit from the new ETC fiber. “I am very excited about the fiber opportunities that ETC is bringing to our community. This will allow us to grow and meet the demands of today’s technology typically not available in a community our size.”

ETC anticipates the fiber build to begin in the near future, with a completion date of November of this year.

Are you in the FiberZone? Visit to see if fiber is available in your neighborhood. For more information about ETC, visit, or contact 866-ETC-4YOU.