COVID-19 Scam Alerts

Friendly Reminder Always Watch Out for Malicious Scams Fake Websites Phishing Emails, Phone Calls, and Texts Ransomware & Denial of Service Attacks Anything Suspicious According to NRTC, the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, cyber criminals are now using COVID-19 updates against us in an attempt to access work and home networks. NRTC findings include fake […]

Internet Customers: Service Optimization Tips

We know internet is a priority right now. While service is dependent on technology, rest assured that ETC has ample internet capacity. We are closely monitoring our networks and making adjustments when necessary to ensure everyone has access to their subscribed bandwidth. We are also prioritizing service calls/installs to support work-from-home needs, keeping in mind […]

Introducing The Good News Channel 905

In response to local churches closing, ETC has established The Good News Channel, a TV channel designed for local churches to share pre-recorded services or other church content.  Content will appear on ETC channel 905, available to all customers with a set top box.  We are also working to make the channel available via video […]

COVID-19 Hot Spots Open

UPDATE: Click here for our latest list of local Hotspots In response to the growing demands for internet access as a result of the coronavirus, Enhanced Telecommunications Corporation (ETC), in cooperation with several local partners, has begun opening ‘parking lot’ hotspots, providing free public internet access from your vehicle. “The coronavirus has created an increased […]

Recognizing and Avoiding Phishing Scams & More

Scammers are out there everywhere using phone calls, emails and text messages in order to try to trick you into giving them your personal information. Personal information such as passwords, account numbers, or Social Security numbers for example, have resulted in people losing millions of dollars. Don’t be a victim of these phishing scams. Phishing […]

COVID-19: Changes Affecting ETC Customers

The safety and well-being of our customers and employees is very important. As part of that commitment, we are limiting the risk of the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Beginning March 16, ETC will limit foot traffic in all ETC offices by closing the front lobbies until further notice. However, this does NOT mean we are […]

Scam Alert: Spam Email Message

The following email message is spam. Please delete this email if you receive it. Do not click on the attachments.

Scam Alert: Account Activation Scam

Please be advised that the email message pictured below is a scam. Do NOT click on the link below. Please delete the email.

Scam Alert: Password Expiration Scam

Please be advised that the email message pictured below is a scam. Do NOT click on the link below. Please delete the email.

Scam Alert: Social Security Scam Robo Call

ETC has learned that an ETC customer received a robo call (automated message) which stated the caller was from the social security office and that the customer needed to call back within so much time or they would have to appear in court. This robo call appears to be a scam. It is advised that […]