Introducing the 930 Area Code

Published February 27, 2014

Changes are coming to the way we dial phone numbers in the southern portion of Indiana. And yes, these changes DO affect YOU.

You may have heard a while ago that the 812-area code is running out of numbers.

As a result, a new 930 area code is being introduced in October, but some transitional changes are already underway.

Dialing local numbers will now require our fingers to do a little more walking. To dial a LOCAL number, we will soon need to dial the area code, plus the telephone number. This means to dial my neighbor, my church, or a business across town, the previous 7 digit number won’t be enough. We will soon need to dial the area code (whether it is “812” or the new “930”), along with the 7 digits.

There will be a learning curve with the new local dialing. Southern Indiana residents are encouraged to begin practicing the 10-digit dialing as of March 1. Starting September 6, we have no choice. Mandatory 10-digit dialing will begin. CaIls dialed incorrectly as of September 6 will receive a recorded announcement regarding the new dialing procedure. In order to proceed, the caller must redial using the appropriate 10 digits.

Long distance dialing will remain unchanged. Callers will continue to dial “1”, plus the area code, plus the telephone number for all long distance calls.

Given the overwhelming number of cell phones, landlines and fax numbers, this change is certainly understandable. It is also inevitable. So get a jump start by adding the ‘812’ area code to any existing local number you have saved to your cellphone or speed dials. You’ve got until September 6 to slowly get those changed!