GPC Whole Home WiFi

Powered by Plume HomePass™

Empower your technology for a WIFI experience without boundaries, connecting your entire home from end to end with consistent speeds, reliability and security.


What is Plume?



Includes two SuperPods and router, with additional pods available as needed depending on the size of the home.


Continuously learns and self-optimizes proactively to deliver greater speed and coverage throughout the home.


Provides intuitive tools for personalization, allowing the user to set guest and child access controls (including age-appropriate content filters).

Speed Test™

These capabilities are built-in so customers can easily monitor internet speed and performance.


Provides best-in-class online security powered by AI that detects and protects in real time. The system halts suspicious activity, blocks ad and malware and quarantines any compromised devices.


Uses WiFi-connected devices to provide whole-home motion awareness in real time for peace of mind and among many use-cases, provides alerts if there is motion when a customer is out of the home.

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Manage Your Network Like a Pro

As people and devices come and go in your house, Plume® lets you see which devices are accessing the Internet and how much they’re uploading or downloading. You can block and unblock specific devices from accessing the Internet.

Device Usage and Management

A tap on each device provides insights into the signal strength and bandwidth consumption. You can also see which SuperPod® it’s connected to.

Daily Insights to Fine Tune Your Set Up

The Plume app delivers daily reports on your home WIFI signal strength and network activity. Get placement tips that help you fine tune your wireless network based on the ways you’re using it.

WIFI That Knows the Whole Family

Who’s playing games? Watching TV? Streaming music? With the ability to keep track of which devices are on your network and how people are using them, you’ll always enjoy peace of mind at home.

Magically Simple to Set Up

Plug Plume in and let the system go to work. Plume recognizes all your devices, identifies the flow of traffic and starts to optimize your home network. The Plume app helps you manage the setup with a few quick taps.


Download self-installation instructions here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does GPC Whole Home WI-FI actually work?
  • GPC Whole Home WIFI is Powered by Plume HomePass, a cloud-based system. The square footage of your home determines the number of “SuperPods®” needed to power your home to provide reliable and consistent speeds from end-to-end. You simply plug in the Pods, download the Plume app, and set up your devices.
Is it necessary to perform updates to the software in order to maintain the service?
  • No, the service automatically updates to keep pace with both technology and the needs of your home network.
What is included in the monthly charge?
  • Your $9.95/monthly subscription includes two (2) SuperPods and access to multiple parental controls, online protection, advanced smart home protection, adblocking, parental controls, advanced and WIFI management tools all Powered by Plume HomePass over the Plume app. (If your home is large enough to require additional SuperPods, these are available at $5.95 per Pod/per month).
Does GPC Whole Home WIFI protect me and my devices?
  • Advanced IoT (Internet of Things) Protection™ protects your smart home devices like WIFI enabled cameras, appliances and creates blocks against hackers. AI security features provide threat protection against ransomware, mining, and malware to the devices connected to your home network.

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