Internet At The Speed of Santa’s Sleigh

Published December 19, 2019

Everyone knows that Santa’s sleigh is fast. Afterall, on Christmas Eve he visits millions of kids around the world in a very short timeframe. Mathematicians estimate that Santa must travel 650 miles per second, or 3,000 times the speed of sound, in order to make all his deliveries. That’s fast. Unfortunately, things can happen to slow him down. From sick reindeer, to weather, to equipment malfunctions, Santa sometimes has to work around challenges.

Much like Santa’s sleigh, ETC’s highspeed fiber internet is also fast. Our Gig speeds can download a song in .03 seconds. Downloading a 2 hour-HD movie takes just 25 seconds. Fiber internet offers the fastest connection, but, like Santa’s sleigh, challenges sometimes present themselves and slow things down. If you find that your speeds aren’t as fast as you’d like, below are a few things to consider that might be affecting your speeds.

Multiple devices connected simultaneously to the same router will impact speeds for each device. If, simultaneously, your TV is streaming Netflix while your computer is downloading music files and your video doorbell is recording, your devices may be running slower. It’s the same theory as your water pressure: running multiple faucets, a dishwasher, and a washing machine all at the same time can leave just a slow stream trickling in the shower.

The age of any given device can affect your speed. Much like an older car may not run as efficiently as a newer one, older computers, tablets and phones may be a little clunkier and less efficient. Similarly, when one piece of older equipment needs to ‘talk’ to another newer piece of equipment, they don’t always communicate well…kind of like a teenager trying to talk to a grandparent. Sometimes the message gets lost in the generational gap.

Materials can also interfere with a Wi-Fi signal in your home. If your device must penetrate through concrete, metal and plaster to connect to your router, your connection may be weakened. After all, these materials are strong and sturdy for a reason, so your signal could be affected.

Neighboring networks might also affect your signal. If your neighbor’s network is showing up on your settings, then the reverse is also happening. If your network is showing up in their settings, make sure your neighbor is unable to access your router thus bogging down your speeds with his additional devices. Putting a password on your router will limit unwanted access.

Microwaves, cordless phones and baby monitors can also interfere with a Wi-Fi connection, and vice versa. These items don’t play well together because they often share the same frequency. Increasing the distance between the base of the units can help performance.

In some instances, additional equipment is the ideal way to increase speeds. For ETC customers, ETC’s Wireless Gateway and Wi-Fi extenders optimize performance. Of course, upgrading to a package with increased speeds is often an option as well.

While ETC’s internet is not quite as fast as Santa and his sleigh, it’s definitely a close second. With just a few adjustments here and there, downloading Christmas pictures, watching holiday movies on Netflix—even emailing that wish list to Santa—might be an even better experience.

Merry Christmas from ETC and best wishes for a healthy 2020.