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Core Bundle Offer – Brand new or existing residential customers converting to a new bundle (Preferred, Enhanced or Ultimate) will receive a $100 bill credit. Offer ends March 30, 2018.

Bundle Add-Ons – Brand new or existing residential customers adding a new Add-On service (Total Phone, Cellular, Medical Alert or Security) will receive their monthly fee FREE for three months. Offer ends March 30, 2018.

4G Cellular – Brand new or existing residential or business customers without ETC Cellular service currently or current ETC Cellular customers that are adding a line will receive an access line FREE for 3 months! Offer ends March 30, 2018.

Special Phone Offers – Galaxy S8 – 64GB – $22.00/m • iPhone 7 – 32GB – $19.00/m • iPhone 8 – 64GB – $23.00  Additional terms and conditions may apply.

3G – 4G Cellular –  Current ETC 3G Cellular customers who make the switch to 4G Cellular will receive a $50 bill credit. Offer ends March 30, 2018.

Wireless Internet –  Brand new residential and/or business Wireless Internet customers  will receive three months free of their selected monthly plan. Offer ends March 30, 2018.


4G Cellular – Free activation with any new device purchase.

Under the Purchase Promo Agreement, customers that disconnect within the first 12 months will be billed the replacement cost of the phone less any payments already made. Customers that disconnect during the months of 13 and 24 of the promotional period will be billed the remaining balance of the phone under the Purchase Promo Agreement. Buyout options to upgrade early will be available after 12 months of service. Up to 2GB of data free for life per account.

Wireless Internet – New Wireless Internet customers will receive free activation.

Refer a Friend – A customer can successfully refer a friend to ETC service and both will receive a $50 Bill Credit. Residential and business customers are eligible. Customers must be in good credit/payment standing.


Senior Citizens and Veterans Discount – A 10% discount is now available to senior citizens or veterans with a valid I.D.
Bundled customers are not eligible for this discount.

Watch TV Everywhere – Available to all ETC TV subscribers for free, Watch TV Everywhere makes TV programming available on Smartphones, tablets or computers, in addition to Smart TVs or television sets with a Roku box. Get started here. ETC Wireless Internet customers are not eligible for this service.


For information about ETC’s wide variety of Bundle Options, click here.

TV + Internet – Find the package that fits YOUR needs! With the Preferred, Enhanced or Ultimate packages, there is a perfect package for everyone!

Bundle Add-Ons – Want more than your selected bundle offers? Add Total Phone, Security or Cellular to your bundle for a great price!

Don’t Want TV? – Check out our “Internet +” bundle options for those customers that don’t need TV service in their home.


Installation – $25.00 for Standard Installation. Installation Fee will be waived if the customer signs up for 3 or more services at one time.

HD – $6.95/m
DVR – $12.95/m
HD + DVR – $12.95


Installation – $25.00 for Standard Installation. Installation Fee will be waived if the customer signs up for 3 or more services at one time.
Inside Wire Maintenance = $2.95/mo.


A variety of phone styles are available. Click here to view devices.


PC Protection – Options: SecureIT Live = $3.95/m, SecureIT Plus = $4.95/m, FileHopper Plus 5GB = $2.95/m, FileHopper Plus 50GB = $5.95/m, FileHopper Plus 50GB = $14.95/m or Password Genie = $1.75/m
Installation required for SecureIT Live. Manual Installation – $1.95, Supported Remote Installation – $19.95.

Giga-Center: ETC Wireless Gateway – $4.95/m – For reliable speeds and better technology management, ETC recommends our customers lease a Giga-Center device. This device allows our ETC Technicians to evaluate any problems a customer may have from our local office and, therefore, leads to quicker solutions for our customers.

Installation – $25.00 for Standard Installation. Installation Fee will be waived if the customer signs up for 3 or more services at one time.

Static IP Address – $10.00/mo.


Starter Security System – $199.00 with 3-year contract. Includes 1 Controller Keypad, 1 Motion Detector, 3 Door/Window Transmitters, Cellular Back-up, Wireless Monitoring, 1 Yard Sign, and Window Decals. Comes with 24-hour Monitoring. The ETC Starter Security Package is $30.00/month when added to a bundle or paired with an additional ETC service. Early termination fees apply.

Medical Alert System – This product geared toward senior citizens acts as an emergency response/alert system. The basic system comes with a base station, pendant/wristband, speed dialing, medication reminders and more. $149.95 with 1-year contract. Comes with 24-hour monitoring with two-way voice: $24.95/month with ETC services, $29.95 without ETC services. Medical Alert requires a 1-year agreement and an active phone line.

Free System Estimates – Call today for a free hardwired or wireless security system estimate by our highly trained & experienced local security system professionals.


$1 bill credit – Any customer who signs up for paperless billing will receive a monthly $1.00 bill credit.
ETC Wireless Internet customers are not eligible for this promotion.