Creating a Facebook Legacy Contact

Published January 9, 2017

This edition of Technically Speaking features guest blogger Mitch Schuman. Mitch is a junior at Franklin College interning in the ETC Marketing Department.


I have always wondered what happens to the Facebook accounts of friends or family that have passed away. Come to find out, one can select a legacy contact to keep their profile updated after they pass away. According to, a legacy contact is the person who looks after your Facebook account when it is memorialized upon your death.

This may sound useless to some, but social media accounts could be considered personal property. Many will agree that personal property should be taken care of after a passing. But, Legacy contacts are limited as to what they can do on the profile. A legacy contact oversees new friend requests, and updates information such as profile pictures and cover photos. A legacy contact cannot log into the friend’s account, change past posts, read past messages, or remove friends.

To select a legacy contact:

  1. Click the Privacy Shortcuts down-arrow in the upper-right corner of your Facebook home page.


  1. From the menu, select Settings. In the left column, select Security.


  1. On the Security Settings list, choose Legacy Contact and follow the directions from there.


The above information is courtesy of Cornerstone Publishing Group.