Since 2000, Great Plains Communications, previously ETC, has awarded more than $100,000 in scholarships to graduating high school seniors. It is our goal to reward hard work and support continuing education, with the hope of retaining that talent in Southeastern Indiana. Graduating high school seniors (including home-schooled) from each of the following counties in our fiber and/or wireless markets are eligible to apply for GPC’s annual scholarships:  Dearborn, Decatur, Franklin, Jefferson, Jennings, Ohio, Ripley, Scott, Switzerland and Union. All students are given equal consideration, with no guarantees for a winner from any given school.  Scholarships are made available each November, and winners are announced in May.

More information about GPC scholarships can be found at

Past Scholarship Recipients

Year Recipient Location/High School
2020 Haley Bockover Greensburg High School
2020 Lauren Ahaus East Central High School
2020 Megan Caudy East Central High School
2020 Michael Hoff Oldenburg Academy
2020 Patrick Wagner Jac-Cen-Del High School
2020 Zachary Bovard East Central High School
2019 Lydia Comer South Ripley High School
2019 Megan Berger Milan High School
2019 Anna McCreary Batesville High School
2019 Bryce McCullough Greensburg High School
2019 Kristen Snodgrass Shawe Memorial High School
2019 Hannah Weiler East Central High School
2019 Kenneth Stier South Decatur High School
2018 Abigail Riehle Milan High School
2018 Sydney Hornberger East Central High School
2018 Cody Moore Franklin County High School
2018 Robert English Franklin County High School
2018 Mariah Volz Jac Cen Del High School
2018 Journey Pratt Scottsburg High School
2017 Erin Wilhelm East Central High School
2017 Kevin Johnson Greensburg High School
2017 Trevor Elston Madison Consolidated
2017 David Blane Beck Milan High School
2017 Olivia Siefert North Decatur High School
2016 Marie Moore Franklin County High School
2016 Adriana Youngman Jac-Cen-Del
2016 Casey Jo Pierce Union County High School
2016 Courtney Jo Gullion Switzerland County
2016 Shelby Drew Batesville High School
2016 Elizabeth Weiler Batesville High School
2015 Blake Walsman Batesville High School
2015 Brandon Belter Batesville High School
2015 Jenny Doehrman Batesville High School
2015 Megan Whitaker East Central High School
2015 Clay Stirn Franklin County High School
2015 Stephanie Bruns Greensburg High School
2015 Karlie Prozanski Milan High School
2015 Anna Schwering North Decatur High School
2015 Nicholas Back Oldenburg Academy
2015 Rory Bauman Oldenburg Academy
2015 Payton Waltz Union County High School
2014 Riley Burkert Greensburg High School
2014 Cailan Walters Milan High School
2014 Abigail Lamb North Decatur High School
2014 Kelsey Cumberworth South Ripley High School
2014 Matthew Carman Union County High School
2014 Justin Grunkemeyer Bateville High School
2014 Abigail Alig East Central High School
2014 Chloe Wilhelm East Central High School
2014 Kelly McGill Franklin County High School
2014 John Thomas Muckerheide Jac-Cen-Del High School
2014 Emily Sanders Oldenburg Academy
2013 Brandon Konradi Milan High School
2013 Joseph Harlemert Jac-Cen-Del High School
2013 Morgan Leffingwell Franklin County High School
2013 William Alexander Johnson Oldenburg Academy
2013 Elizabeth Ann Moeller Batesville High School
2013 Brittany Begley East Central High School
2013 Kaitlynn Scheidler North Decatur High School
2013 Megan Lozier Greensburg High School
2013 Joseph Frasur Union County High School
2013 Evan Thomas Carrow Home School
2013 Brian Frondorf East Central High School
2012 Michael Scheidler Greensburg High School
2012 Kyle Wallpe North Decatur High School
2012 Abby Martin East Central High School
2012 Devin Riley Milan High School
2012 Erin Moll Oldenburg Academy
2012 Katelyn Bowling Jac-Cen-Del High School
2012 Kelly Burger Franklin County High School
2012 Maurissa Amrhein Bateville High School
2011 Brian Voss Milan High School
2011 Brooke Gilland Jac-Cen-Del High School
2011 Kelly Bamberger East Central High School
2011 Brenna Sarringhaus Oldenburg Academy
2011 Kaitlyn Belter Batesville High School
2011 Kelsey Hatton Greensburg High School
2011 Kelsey Kramer North Decatur High School
2011 Kaitlin McGill Franklin County High School
2010 Nicole Marie Farrow East Central High School
2010 Emily Marie Bare Jac-Cen-Del High School
2010 Joshua Berger Milan High School
2010 Black Boleman Batesville High School
2010 Zach Waechter Oldenburg Academy
2010 Elizabeth Lecher North Decatur High School
2010 Greg Dougan Greensburg High School
2009 Audrey Huffmeyer Sunman
2009 Victoria Stenger East Central High School
2009 William S. Bruns III Sunman
2009 William Swain Batesville
2009 James Bruns Batesville
2009 Hannah Gauck Greensburg
2009 Travis Schebler Greensburg
2009 Rochell Jansing Franklin County High School
2008 Jennifer Ripperger Sunman
2008 Kara Hrlement Sunman
2008 William Dixon Sunman
2008 Codi Rae McConnel Batesville
2008 Theresa Bedel Batesville
2008 Kera Davis Greensburg
2008 Jessica Chambers Greensburg
2007 Sarah Lattire Sunman
2007 Natasha Gregory Sunman
2007 Katelyn Bruns Sunman
2007 Emily Fasbinder Batesville
2007 Klair Kerker Batesville
2007 Sara Schwering Greensburg
2007 Caitlin Hellmich Greensburg
2006 Lauren Cline Sunman
2006 Marcus Wirth Sunman
2006 Jason Amrhein Batesville
2006 Leann Schuman Batesville
2006 Amy Vanderbur Greensburg
2006 Addison Rempe Greensburg
2005 Erica Joerger Sunman
2005 Tonya Volz Sunman
2005 Cullin Enzinger Batesville
2005 Brian Knueven Batesville
2005 Anna Riedeman Greensburg
2004 Amanda Niehaus Sunman
2004 Lindsey Hardy Sunman
2004 Elizabeth Ann Werner Batesville
2004 Daniel Kuntz Batesville
2003 Emily Kraus Sunman
2003 Robert W. Wilson III Batesville
2002 Keith Fay Sunman
2002 Sam Simons Batesville
2001 Sarah Gaynor Sunman
2001 Heather Kessens Batesville
2000 André Moorman Sunman
2000 Michael Schwegman Batesville