CES Las Vegas

Published March 24, 2020

The CES was held in Las Vegas earlier this year. The event is an annual consumer technology conference known as the “global stage for innovation.” With more than 4,000 exhibitors and 175,000 people attending from 160 countries, it’s the ideal spot for vendors to showcase new technology. Whether the new tech is just hitting the market or is still in the prototype stage, CES is a chance for vendors to really show off their products to a captive, international audience.

I always enjoy reading about products that debuted at the show. From items that are amazing, to some that are quirky, to others that leave you wondering what the inventor was thinking, the CES wrap-up reports are entertaining. Here are some highlights of a few of the items I learned about in this year’s wrap-up coverage:

Home Connect Refrigerator—While the Smart Fridge is not a new concept, the features associated with this unit are unique. Bosch partnered with Chefling to create a fridge with inventory management technology. The fridge recognizes newly added and removed contents, updates inventory lists, and offers recipes based on what is readily available in the fridge.

Foldable Laptop—Dell unveiled a prototype of a folding laptop. The unit can fold vertically or horizontally, and even has a detachable keyboard that can drop on the display.

Water-From-Air System—Abracadabra. Watergen is doing some serious magic with its water-from-air system that literally creates fresh drinking water from the air. The product was named the Energy Efficiency Product of the Year at this year’s CES. See it in action at https://us.watergen.com/video/watergen-corporate-video/ .

Antimicrobial Screens—Designed for germophobes like me, Otterbox has infused its protective glass screens with an EPA-registered antimicrobial technology to keep germs far, far away. Of course, it also still protects against scratches and drops.

Y-Brush Toothbrush—This automatic toothbrush is supposed to cut your brushing time to just 10 seconds. It looks a bit like a mouthguard with bristles. When you put the ‘mouthguard’ in your mouth and push the ‘go’ button, the unit will vigorously brush the top teeth for 5 seconds. Then turn over the mouthpiece to brush the bottom teeth.

Smart Diapers—Now there’s even an app for your baby’s diaper. Lumi by Pampers features a sensor that attaches to the outside of your baby’s diaper to monitor when a diaper change is needed. It also tracks activity, eating routines and sleep schedules for your baby.

Twinkly Smart Lights—The colors on these Christmas tree lights can be adjusted to different hues, patterns and displays via an app. For those who really enjoy the holiday experience, these lights add a unique touch to the festivities.

Jennie, the Robot Dog—This robot dog is very realistic, which is not surprising given that it was designed by Tombot and The Jim Henson Company of The Muppets fame. The CEO of Tombot designed the pup with his mom, an Alzheimer’s patient, in mind. From head bobbing to tail wagging to snoring, the very realistic lapdog provides companionship to his mom without the responsibilities that come with pet ownership.

From artificial intelligence to artificial meat, CES 2020 offered something for all 175,000 people in attendance. With 4,000 exhibitors, it’s hard to believe that four days would have been enough time to get through everything. Thankfully it’s easy to find many recaps online. Just search for “CES 2020 reviews” to see more of the inventions, technology and ideas that were unveiled at this year’s “global stage for invention.”