After careful consideration, we have decided to transfer cellular services to our partner, Telispire, effective April 17, 2021.

Telispire is a leader in the wireless industry and has been providing the underlying cellular services for customers from behind the scenes since 2001. The transition of cellular services to Telispire will be seamless – no action is required at this time. We are confident that customers will continue to receive the same outstanding service to which you are accustomed.

This notice applies to cellular services only. Great Plains Communications hopes to continue to provide you customers with our non-cellular suite of services including high-speed internet, voice and video for many years to come.

If you have additional questions, please contact our customer service team at 866-382-4968 and we will be happy to help you.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: I would like to sign up for new cellular service. Can I do that?

A: We are no longer providing cellular services at this time. Our customers were transferred to our partner, Telispire. Would you like to have their contact information to sign up with them?

Telispire – 855‑229‑5411 or email at helpdesk@telispire.com


Q: When did the cellular service go away?

A: We recently transferred to Telispire. However, Telispire had been providing the underlying service for our customers since 2001. Therefore, the transfer made sense as this company is able to provide the high level of service our customers were used to.


Q: Why are you getting rid of this service?

A: While we have enjoyed providing cellular services, we believe our core strength is delivering fiber-based services to our residential and business customers. That’s why we’ve elected to fully-focus on expanding our fiber presence and to transfer our cellular customers to Telispire who have been providing these underlying services in the past and can continue to provide the high level of service customers are used to.


Q: Will I still be able to bring my phone here to an Indiana GPC office to have you help me when I need my device serviced?

A: You will need to contact Telispire regarding service on your devices and they will instruct you further. We will no longer be able to service devices as the service has been fully transferred to Telispire. You can contact them at 855-229-5411, or you can email them at helpdesk@telispire.com.


Q: What if I don’t want to work with Telispire?

A: You can elect to establish service with an alternate carrier of your choice provided you obtain a device that is compatible with that carrier’s network, and provided you are not under a current contract. If you have a contract, you will need to complete that as those contracts have been transferred to Telispire.


Q: Can I still make a change to my data plan or swap handsets?

A: For any changes to your service or your devices, you would need to contact Telispire directly at 855-229-5411, or you can email them at helpdesk@telispire.com.


Q: Will I be billed back if I am still in a contract for receiving a promotion during the past 12 months if I port out early or cancel my service?

A: That is a question that would need to be posed to Telispire. You can contact them at 855-229-5411 or email them at helpdesk@telispire.com.


Q: I currently have handset insurance on my device.  Does that continue?

A: Telispire is still honoring all insurance and warranties as they stand. For complete information, please contact Telispire directly at 855-229-5411 or email them at helpdesk@telispire.com.