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Manage My TV

Forget to set the DVR? ETC TV subscribers can now manage their recordings or search programming for free from smartphones, tablets, computers and just about anywhere else with ETC’s Manage My TV. Even turn your device into a mobile remote!

How to use the ManageMyTV App

  1. Download ManageMyTV from Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android)
  2. Enter the Service Provider Address:
  3. You will need to know your Account ID and Password from ETC. If you don’t know these please call your local ETC office

ManageMyTV Features

  • Access your Guide to schedule future recordings on your DVR
  • Access your recordings to view scheduled recordings and your library. Opt to delete recorded shows, stop future recordings, etc
  • Control your Set Top Box remotely


  1. Does this work with all TV customers?
    • No, this feature is subject to available technologies.
  2. Can a customer watch live programming with this app?
    • No.
  3. Can a customer watch their recorded programs with this?
    • No.
  4. Can a customer watch Video on Demand with this app?
    • No.
  5. Can a customer rent a VOD to view later with this app?
    • No.
  6. VOD is suspended for some customers: Will these customers be affected?
    • No, because this is a different password.
  7. Will this app work with all Set Top Boxes?
    • No, all features will not work with the older STBs.
  8. Can a customer record VOD from this app?
    • No, VOD cannot be played back or recorded from this app.

    Download the ManageMyTV app for iOS and Android below.

    Price: Free
    Price: Free