Trunking Services

Trunk service allows you to maximize your phone capabilities over ETC’s fiber network. With our business trunking services, you can add channels as your business grows.



SIP Trunking integrates with your premise-based SIP PBX. It’s a tailored, cost-effective voice solution with scalable features and end-user mobility options that increase productivity.

  • SIP Business Trunking is available as digital trunks or as ISDN-PRI lines.
  • It is compatible with your existing analog phones, key systems, PBX and with select IP PBX equipment. (May require additional equipment.)
  • SIP talk path is the equivalent of a traditional analog phone line.
  • SIP lines are scalable and can duplicate the functionality of a PRI.
  • ETC’s SIP long distance rates are lower than a traditional phone line.



Medium to large businesses with more than 40 extensions may want to consider a PRI plan. ISDN offers a digital 2-way connection between your business ISDN compatible PBX system and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).



  • Digital Access Trunk with 23 voice channels
  • ISDN Signaling Port


  • Caller name and number identification
  • DID numbers (Call an internal extension without having to go through the operator)
  • Reserved DID numbers for future use
  • Release Line Trunking
  • Back-up D-channel
  • Additional call routing and overflow routing


  • Split-second call setup times deliver greater productivity and savings, especially to outbound call centers
  • Fewer voice channels can support more users through enhanced routing functionality
  • More efficient than analog trunking