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Business Internet

ETC offers the most advanced high-speed internet technology available today. With downloads speeds available up to a gigabit, our internet delivers.

Up to 10M down / 1M up

Starting at

Up to 25M down / 10M up

Starting at


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*Based on 36-month agreement.
Note: Internet upload and download speeds are a “best effort service”. Actual speeds may vary due to end user equipment and number of devices connected.

Customized Solutions

ETC offers a range of reliable, cost-effective, scalable, carrier-grade connectivity solutions that can connect you to areas within and outside of our service areas. We will work with your company to evaluate your business needs and create a customized network solution that will help your business grow.

Dedicated, Fast Internet Service

For Businesses whose productivity relies heavily on 24/7 connectivity to the Internet, ETC can offer a customized, dedicated, diverse connection provisioned to the bandwidth your company demands.

Private Office-to-Multi-Office Service

Connect several locations back to the main office.

Network Service

ETC will work with Tier 1 and Tier 2 providers to develop a private, dedicated connection to areas outside our service areas. Diversity in paths and providers can also be configured.

Private Office-to-Office Service

Connect remote offices together in a dedicated, point-to-point, secure environment. Connection will be configured to provide the data transfer speeds required by the business.

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