Business Cellular

To our valued cellular customers.

Great Plains Communications, previously ETC has made the decision to discontinue adding new cellular customers (as new customers) as of October 26, 2020. This is due to the fact that the company is preparing to retire our cellular service offerings for both business and residential customers. This retirement date is tentatively projected to be  the end of 2021*. Until this time we will continue to serve our current cellular customer base and honor current insurance plans and contracts.


If you have questions regarding your plan or need service for your device, please contact our customer service team at 866-382-4968 and we will be happy to help you.

*date is a projection and subject to change. Current customers will be notified at least 90 days prior to final retirement date.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q:          I would like to sign up for new cellular service. Can I do that?

A:           We are not taking on new customers at this time as we have decided to phase out our cellular service offerings.


Q:          When is the cellular service going away?

A:           This will be done over a period of time, and we will notify customers of the formal retirement date. We are tentatively looking at December 31 of 2021 (subject to change). We will inform our customers well before the final retirement date to ensure they have enough time to make decisions regarding an alternate provider.


Q:          Why are you getting rid of this service?

A:           While we have enjoyed providing cellular services, we believe our core strength is delivering fiber-based services to our residential and business customers. That’s why we’ve elected to fully-focus on expanding our fiber presence and to allow our cellular customers to select the alternate wireless carrier of their choice.


Q:          If you aren’t going to be offering this anymore what happens to our service?

A:           Our cellular services utilize the Verizon Wireless network. Your existing devices are fully compatible with Verizon and may be used to establish a new service plan directly with them. If you decide to use an alternate provider, you may be required to purchase a device that is compatible on that provider’s network.


Q:          Will I still be able to bring my phone here to an Indiana office to have you help me when I need my device serviced?

A:           Currently we can help you until we fully retire this service offering. Once that happens, you will need to work with your new provider to have your device serviced.


Q:          What if I don’t want to work with a provider you recommend?

A:           While your devices have been designed to operate on the Verizon Wireless network, you can elect to establish service with an alternate carrier, provided you obtain a device that is compatible with that carrier’s network. Regardless of your selection, you may keep your current phone number if you port it to your new provider.


Q:          Can I still make a change to my data plan or swap handsets during the phase out if needed?

A:           Yes, you may elect to make changes to your data plan, but you will be unable to upgrade your device. If you have subscribed to our device insurance program, your lost or damaged device will be replaced as per our existing policy.


Q:          Can I keep my same number?

A:           Yes, if you port out your cell number to another provider, you can keep your same number. If you plan to do this, do not terminate/cancel your cell number with us prior to porting (otherwise it can’t be ported). To port you will need to give your current GPC cellular account number to your new provider so they can port your number. Having the account number will speed up the process.


Q:          Will I be billed back if I am still in a contract for receiving a promotion during the past 12 months if I port out early or cancel my service?

A:           Yes, you are still in contact and responsible for the promotion you received.  We are not cancelling your current service so it will be best to remain with us until your contract has ended.


Q:          Will I be billed for the remaining balance owed on my device that I financed if I port out early or cancel my service?

A:           Yes, you are still responsible for the balance on your device.  However, you do have the option of paying it off early.  Once your device balance is paid in full, you have the option to transfer service to another carrier of choice if you are not in a current contract.


Q:          I currently have handset insurance on my device.  Does that continue during the phase out?

A:           Yes, we are continuing to honor our handset insurance program.


Q:          Do I still have a warranty on my device?

A:           Yes, all warranties continue and go through the manufacturer.