Computer Advancements for Physically Challenged

I recently read an article entitled “Computer Devices for the Physically Challenged.”  The article left me in awe. The article brought to life technological advancements that have improved the lives of those with physical disabilities.  I had no idea some of these assistive technologies existed. For example, to assist the blind, Braille keyboards and computers […]

Are Smart TVs Too Smart?

Do you ever turn on the television just so that there is some noise in a room?  You don’t necessarily sit and watch the screen, it’s just powered on to fill the silence?  We have an old TV with a main purpose of exactly that—to provide noise.  In fact, if we were to actually try […]

The Greatest (Techie) Show on Earth

Because of its entertainment value, the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus used to be known as the “Greatest Show On Earth.”  From a technology standpoint, the “Greatest Show on Earth” may very well be the annual CES event (previously known as the Consumer Electronics Show), which just recently wrapped up in Las Vegas. Every […]

Creating a Facebook Legacy Contact

This edition of Technically Speaking features guest blogger Mitch Schuman. Mitch is a junior at Franklin College interning in the ETC Marketing Department.   I have always wondered what happens to the Facebook accounts of friends or family that have passed away. Come to find out, one can select a legacy contact to keep their […]

Christmas Gadget Ideas

‘Tis the season, which means ‘tis the time for shopping.  While many have finished up or are nearing the end of their holiday shopping, others are no-doubt just beginning.  For those still working to fulfill some gift purchases, here are a few ideas for the tech-lover on your list.  These items were pulled from a […]