Summer Tech Gadgets

Summer is my favorite season.  From the outdoor activities and the temperatures, to the 4th of July and vacations, I love all that the middle of the year has to offer. As a fan of the summer months, I was interested in an article that one of my co-workers recently shared.  The article was written […]

Unique Tech Words

I am a logophile. I love words. I’ve always loved to read, to write, to play Scrabble and compete in spelling bees. As a word enthusiast, I’m fascinated by the introduction and popular acceptance of new words into the English language.   So when I came across an article about unique words inspired by the development of technology, […]

Data Never Sleeps

How many times a week do you “like” a post on Facebook? How often do you “pin” an image on Pinterest? While your individual tallies may seem small, collectively the amount of data that is shared, clicked, downloaded, liked and posted on the internet from around the world is staggering. According to a company known as […]

Data Diets

Are you over the cellular overages? Most of us have a certain quantity of data to use on our cell phones each month. If you’re receiving overage charges on your iPhone, there may be a few settings that you can adjust in order to help reign in those monthly overage charges. From your settings, scroll down […]

iPhone Tips

Smart Phones are amazing inventions to me. To think I can search the internet, make a call, take a picture, calculate numbers, or have a flashlight available all from the same handheld device is really remarkable. What is also incredible is to think that I have only scratched the surface with regard to my Smart Phone’s capabilities. So […]