Download Speeds

There’s an old saying that “slow and steady wins the race. ” Those words of wisdom may be true about a lot of things, but internet speed is not likely one of them. At a time when homes have multiple devices connected to the internet and so much of our daily activity is internet-driven, slow […]

Privacy Policies

For most of us, the idea of having and using passwords has become a normal part of life. We are used to supplying passwords and passcodes to unlock our homes, our cars, our accounts—anything that is private. Because industries like ETC are businesses that have sensitive customer information on file, passwords are a part of […]

iPhone: The Inspector Gadget of Phones

Sometimes I feel like my iPhone is a handheld “Inspector Gadget.” It has so many hidden features and does so many cool things—I wouldn’t be surprised if I had an option to make a propeller pop out of the top and carry my phone away, or an option to extend a folding metal arm with […]

Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. There are many potential sources of distraction while driving. Not surprisingly, cell phones are one of the biggest culprits. Greensburg High School’s SADD Club recently sponsored some guest speakers who were very personally affected by distracted driving. In 2013, Rich and Anna Levitan lost their 18-year-old daughter, Merritt, […]

PowerPoint Presentations

Each of my kids recently worked on slide show presentations for school. One was giving a report on a book she had recently read; the other was reporting on an internship she had just completed. As they were putting their slide shows together, they asked for some feedback. My husband and I have seen enough […]