CES 2019

CES (formerly known as the Consumer Electronic Show) was recently held in Las Vegas. Like a kid in a candy shop, the CES is an event that leaves tech gurus drooling. It is often considered the proving ground for innovation and start-ups. Each year the CES introduces ground-breaking technology and products to attendees. Products that […]

Dancing Christmas Lights

Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe help to make the season bright. So do the many light displays you’ll find all around Southeastern Indiana. Growing up I can remember being in awe of the light displays at places like Weberding’s Carving Shop in Batesville and Roman Nobbe Concrete outside of Oldenburg. Now as a […]

Techie Christmas Gift Ideas

Every year about this time I enjoy researching tech gifts ideas for the coming Christmas season.  I don’t necessarily have a lot of techies on my list; I just enjoy looking through some of the popular items to spur some fun gift ideas.  Here’s a list of a few favorite things I found this year. […]

3G to 4G Cellular Conversions

Technology is always changing. Working in the telecommunications industry, I regularly witness the truth in this statement. Changes are always happening, but that typically means constant improvements for both the end user and the provider. One upcoming change in technology that has been on the radar for some time involves older cell phones.  ETC consumers […]

TV Resolutions

Our family was recently in the market for a couple of televisions.  One TV set just quit powering on; the other TV turned screen images into various hues of green.  As we began our search to replace the units I quickly became overwhelmed by all the options: How big? What resolution? How does the viewing […]