PowerPoint Presentations

Each of my kids recently worked on slide show presentations for school. One was giving a report on a book she had recently read; the other was reporting on an internship she had just completed. As they were putting their slide shows together, they asked for some feedback. My husband and I have seen enough […]

Enter Medical ID Info on Your Cell Phone

My little brother recently taught me a lesson. While growing up that is not something that I would have readily admitted—after all, what could a little brother possibly know that a big sister doesn’t?  But my brother told me about a valuable cell phone feature that I knew nothing about. In fact, I thought it […]

CES 2019

CES (formerly known as the Consumer Electronic Show) was recently held in Las Vegas. Like a kid in a candy shop, the CES is an event that leaves tech gurus drooling. It is often considered the proving ground for innovation and start-ups. Each year the CES introduces ground-breaking technology and products to attendees. Products that […]

Dancing Christmas Lights

Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe help to make the season bright. So do the many light displays you’ll find all around Southeastern Indiana. Growing up I can remember being in awe of the light displays at places like Weberding’s Carving Shop in Batesville and Roman Nobbe Concrete outside of Oldenburg. Now as a […]

Techie Christmas Gift Ideas

Every year about this time I enjoy researching tech gifts ideas for the coming Christmas season.  I don’t necessarily have a lot of techies on my list; I just enjoy looking through some of the popular items to spur some fun gift ideas.  Here’s a list of a few favorite things I found this year. […]