Experience the ETC Sports Network

Hopefully by now you’ve heard about the ETC Sports Network. It’s been awhile in the making, but it’s an effort we are truly proud of. ETC is the only local provider to broadcast high school ball games, meets and other such events. Because high school sports are such a large part of many of our lives, ETC […]

New 10-Digit Dialing Delayed

Hold the phone! The date for mandatory 10-digit local dialing to begin has been delayed. According to a press release from the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, the IURC recently became aware of “concerns regarding the ability of critical segments of the business community and telecommunications providers to prepare for the switch to mandatory dialing, specifically […]

The Smartphone Impact

I’m curious. Do you think Smartphones have made a positive or negative impact on society? Smartphones have certainly been convenient for on-the-spot research, instantaneous email communication, apps, and social media reporting. That’s not to mention all the great benefits of texting, calendar tracking, calculator functions, clock features and more that typically come with phones nowadays. My phone has […]

Loco for Local

As a board member for the Greensburg/Decatur County Chamber of Commerce, it’s my responsibility to endorse local businesses. As an employee of a local company, it’s my job to emphasize the benefits of shopping local. As a resident of the community, it’s my duty to purchase local. As a business, being “local” is about more than just […]

TV On My Side

All television providers go through regular contract negotiations with networks. Providers like ETC agree to pay networks including ESPN, The Weather Channel, and Viacom in exchange for the rights to air programs on the provider’s own channels. When contracts expire, negotiations begin between the two parties. Networks propose a rate and providers must agree or counter-offer. The parties […]